Accessory for Knife Sharpening With a Flashlight. Accessoire Pour Affuter. Afilar Cuchillos.




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Following on from my use of a flashlight to make a simple honing guide. I'm now using a torsion spring scavenged from a bicycle to secure the straight edge for ease of handling when sharpening smaller blades. This should make it easier to sharpen, pocket knives, pen knives and narrow-bladed kitchen knives.

L'utilisation d'un ressort de torsion récupéré d'un vélo. Cela devrait rendre plus facile à aiguiser, les couteaux de poche, les canifs et les couteaux de cuisine à lame étroite.

El uso de un resorte de torsión de una bicicleta recuperado. Esto debería hacer que sea más fácil de afilar, cuchillos de bolsillo, navajas y cuchillos de cocina de hoja estrecha.



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    Thank-you for your kind comment, I really appreciate it. All the very best from France, where we actually have a sunny day with no rain!