Acer TimelineX 4830-T 6841 How to Replace Battery

Introduction: Acer TimelineX 4830-T 6841 How to Replace Battery

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Step 1: Replace Battery Acer TimelineX 4830-T 6841

This is for replacing the Battery in an Acer TimelineX 4830-T 6841 manufactured in August 2011, 2 months before Steve Jobs...never mind. Similar models may be just as easy, perhaps not.
I bought the battery replacement from right here:

I am doing this from what I remember looking at the pictures, from opening and closing my laptop twice; therefore some of the order of the panels may be slightly different but do not worry, the order does not cause malfunctions as if you were working on an iPhone. Or open heart surgery. This is a computer from 2011 after all. I'm leaving all the photos in one step so you don't have to go reloading the page like a bandwidth Natzi.

1. Shutdown laptop so no power is running through it. We care about your well being for the remainder of this task.

2. Turn laptop over and set on a towel or soft surface like the hair on your back.

3. Unscrew all screws, or at least the one in the center near the battery icon. Keep the one connecting your head to your body.

4. Put the end of a paperclip in the small hole near the engraved battery icon. Drag the paperclip about 1/4 of an inch away from the center of the computer (moving the panel); this is supposed to turn off connection to the battery as a sort of emergency killswitch. After that, this whole compartment will slide out from the rest of the computer if you patiently move it with your thumbs. It's like sliding the case off a tv remote. You will see the RAM and bottom of the hard drive. This is like staring the stars in the sky at night.

5. Next, with the computer in an upright position such as in normal use, unlatch the blue panel which houses the touch pad. You can now see the top of the hard drive and a bunch of connector wires.

6. I think next you will be able to unscrew one or two screws from that view on the top, approximately where the touchpad was. This will release the components underneath the keybaord, which we will remove next.

7. To remove keyboard, which is hiding the battery, open the laptop lid. Put it in a position that, looking at the side of the frame, you can patiently pry apart the silver colored portion from the black portion of the case. This may take a little pressure and time. That is what holds the keyboard as I remember. (Make sure the screws underneath the touchpad from previous step have been removed). This is how Jesus separated the chaff from the wheat, and put new wine in his old computer.

8. Keyboard may have some latched cables tethered to it underneath, I can't remember exactly. Just get the keyboard so it is dangling or removed completely from the computer and set it aside. You should then be able to see the battery, tangent to the bottom of the display screen.

9. The fifth picture of this guide indicates where you should be now. It indicates an individual black cable, and a black-white-red cable (battery). Initially I thought the individual black cable had to be unplugged in order to reach the battery cable, so I did unplug it, but that may not be necessary for you. For reference, its remaining dock is visible below the + sign on the battery.

10. Unplug the battery terminal: I also thought "oh no, it was soldered!" and thought I had failed. But no, it is just a sucker to pull out. Pull the battery terminal (black,red,white cables and white head) out of the socket by wiggling and flailing your body in the air so that people outside your room think you are strangling your girlfriend's cat or something.

11. Replace the battery with the new one. Recyle this battery later at a Best Buy-- simply go through one of the sliding doors and on the side they have recyclable battery drop off. (At this time you may also grab small children by the ear and clean the CPU fan with a Q-tip or dental device gently to reduce noise and maybe extend the life of your CPU.)

12. Place and plug in all the connectors, including the small one that was in the way earlier. Now getting down the tree is even easier. Just snap keyboard back on, re-latch the cables, put the touchpad back on, screws back in, etc.

You did it. What do you want a piece of cake?

If this resolved problems with your significant other spouse, or even your first significant other, and helped you beat Portal or something, please drop by and visit to hear my music for game and film. Thanks!

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