Acorn Bobble Hat

Introduction: Acorn Bobble Hat

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This is a rather wacky, sculptured, just-for-fun hat that I designed originally using a worsted wt. wool (sample shown in Patons Classic Wool.) It's knit in the round from lower band to crown. I worked a K3, P5 rib to start on a size 6 circular, then changed to size 10 for body of the hat. Along the way I threw in some bobbles, but to keep it simple there are only 2 rounds of them. The ribs increase to K9, P5, then decrease down to K1, P3, which forms the lines that decrease to top center. It's finished off with one last bobble. Because of the "expandable" rib design, it's comfortable on the head (and accommodates fuller heads of hair!) If stretched over a dinner plate and blocked, it could become a beret or tam.  Free pattern here



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    Glad you like it! It certainly surprised me with its uniqueness as I designed it "on the needles!"

    Incredible work! Wacky but wonderful hat. I think I could see a top model wearing this hat on the cover of a Fall knitting magazine!

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    That would really be fun. If it ever happened, you could have an autograph party or something to celebrate!

    Once again, great job DBKN. All your Slideshows are amazing, did you take a class to learn this, or did you learn it by yourself?