Acorn Cap Earrings




Introduction: Acorn Cap Earrings

These simple earrings can be made with just a few items. Most of them you might already have around the house. If not they are inexpensive at any craft store. As with all my Instructables they are quick and easy for even the beginner.

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Step 1: Gather the Needed Items

Picture 1 shows all the items that you will need. The most important items are the acorn caps. If you collect them green the center will fall out as they dry. This might be the wrong time of year to find acorns, but there are usually some under oak trees year round. Don't worry about the size because any size will work and you will probably want to try different sizes to match the bead you choose.

The second picture that doesn't have a number is an icepick and a very small drill bit. Anything pointy can be used to make a hole in the top of the acorn cap. Even a corsage pin will work if you can't find anything else.

Picture 3 is an assortment of beads from little pearls to large brightly colored ones. You just have to find two that match so rummage through your broken jewelry and find something you like.

Picture 4 is an assortment of ear wires and what are called head pins. If you don't have these just use a small piece of wire and put a little tiny bead on the end to keep it from going through the bead. I have seen a whole kit with the pins, ear wires and everything you need at craft stores for about $2.00.

Step 2: Put Holes in the Acorn Caps

Carefully poke a small hole in the top of the acorn cap, just big enough for the wire or headpin to go through. I said carefully because if you squeeze to hard they will break. Don't worry I have broken quite a few. It is just takes patience: Don't rush.

Step 3: Match the Beads to the Caps

Try and match the size of the acorn caps with the beads. You will want the bead to stick out a little past the cap so that it looks like a real acorn. Try them out by putting a wire through the bead and then up through the cap to see how it is going to look. I put a little green seed bead on the bottom and then one on the top just for a little extra color. Take the pointy pliers and make a little curly cue on the top to attach the ear wire.

Step 4: Attach an Ear Wire

Choose what ever kind of ear wire you like and attach to the top and you are ready to go.

Warning: watch out for squirrels these are really realistic in natural colors. They can be any color you choose. The one pair shown is purple.

Step 5:

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    Thanks everyone. Hope you vote in the earrings contest.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    These are adorable! I really like the pearl ones! Thanks for sharing! so inspiring!