Acoustic Speaker

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This Instructable aims to help you create your very own acoustic speaker of my design. It does amplify the sound of your phone by a considerable amount, and it does so while remaining in a size that can easily be carried around in your everyday bag. Try to have fun with it with your friends!

You will need three wooden pieces in order to create this acoustic speaker. These pieces can be cut from a 5 mm thickness plywood.

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Step 1: The Bases

The first piece is the base. The base is basically just a rectangular slab 200 mm by 100 mm. You will need to heavily sand one side to make sure it is smoothed out. This side will be the inside of the speaker. The sanding of the other side is completely up to personal preference. It is worth noting that it will be easier to stick all the pieces together if you sand the side of the width of the base as well. You will need to cut three of these.

Step 2: The Sides

Next up are the sides of your speaker. For the sides, we will be using triangles. Cut two triangles from the same wood you cut the bases from. Each side of the triangle should be 100 mm long. Like the bases, you only really need to heavily sand one side. Sanding the other side is merely personal preference. Sanding along the width of the triangle will help make the entire structure more sturdy once they're stuck together.

Step 3: The Front

Use one of the three bases for the front of the speaker. For this base, carve out specific holes in the wood according to the image above. Many adjustments can be made for personal experimentation, but the original has four vertical rectangular holes 12 mm by 80 mm. These holes are 12 mm apart from each other, and 20 mm away from the top and bottom of the base. A designated "phone hole" is also placed horizontally in the middle. I made mine 80 mm by 20 mm, and placed it 12 mm away from the other holes, as well as 20 mm away from the top. Make sure to sand the sides of the inside of the holes as well. This will make the sound quality much clearer.

Step 4: Assembly

Here comes the final and arguably most fun part. The assembly of the speaker should be done according to the image above. You're aiming to make a completely symmetrical triangular prism that is flat and sturdy on a flat surface like a table or floor. Use wood glue or even a superglue to stick these together.

Step 5: Enjoy!

...And there you have it! Design it anyway you want! Tweak it, or even make it from other materials if you feel up for it! Once you're done adding your own personal touch, place a phone in there playing some music and chill!



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