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Introduction: Acrylic Apple TV Stand

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This was a super quick and easy project I put together in just a couple of minutes, because it was something I needed and had the materials laying around.

When I got my Apple TV, I decided I wanted to mount it on the top of my tv, because it was the most accessible. But the mounts for them can be expensive considering they are just a piece of plastic. For a while I just used a command strip to hold it in place, but recently after moving some cables behind the tv, it just wouldn't hold up. Then I decided I needed to build something to hold it up.

Step 1: Materials

•Sheet of Acrylic
•Table Top with right angled corner
•Razor Blade, or something to cut acrylic
•Tape Measure
•Mini Torch or Heat Gun
•Command Strips or preferred mounting
•(Optional) Rubber Bumpers

Step 2: Marking and Cutting

Measure the Apple TV or object you are putting on the shelf, then mark and cut the acrylic. After that I also cleaned up the cut edges a little bit too. Don't forget to score a line where you will be forming the acrylic.

Step 3: Shaping

Once you have the line marked for the bend, line that mark up with the edge of a table. Carefully and evenly heat along that line until the acrylic folds over and is flush at the side of the table forming a right angle. Leave it in that position for a few minutes to let it harden. After that I rinsed it in water to completely cool it and clean it up.

Step 4: Command Strips

Lastly, take two command strips or preferred method of mounting, and add it to the back of the back of the shelf. Then just center it up and stick it on. Also, you might want to center it up and make sure you know exactly where you want to put it before sticking it.

Step 5: Setting Apple Tv

Finally, before setting down the Apple TV, I added 4 small rubber bumpers to make sure it stays in place from the weight of the wires. After that I was done I set down the Apple TV, and it stayed perfectly. It was plenty stable, and acrylic made it seamless.

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