Acrylic Cell Phone Hold




Introduction: Acrylic Cell Phone Hold

About: I`m industrial designer that like the news Technologies of frabrication.

This is a 3mm acrylic cell phone hold for laser cut. The skull is download for flat icon, You could customize or download any drawing, cut and paste in the svg vector.

Step 1: Cut Piece

This piece was cut in 90watts cut machine.

Red line is a Cut line: power rating: 65%, speed: 26 mm/s

Black line is a engraving: 20%, speed 300mm/s

Step 2: Ensamble

put one part in the other hole to make de hold

Step 3:

and enjoy it!!!



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    2 Discussions

    I like the sugar skull design, that's pretty :)

    1 reply

    thanks, I only used flat icon to download free svg icon vectors.