Acrylic Fish Tank (aquarium)

Introduction: Acrylic Fish Tank (aquarium)

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Acrylic fish tank. :

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Step 1:

Preparing for fish tank.

Aluminium profile 30*30

birch plywood , acrylic pipe(180 pi)

acrylic sheet transparent 3t 5t, black sheet 3t

switch , LED strip, adpapter

Step 2:

Assembling all parts and wiring.

Step 3:

Laser mark on pipe

ex) Logo,emblem

Step 4:

LED Light on!!

Step 5:

additional option

1. water column , vacuum suspended fish tank.

2. water heater , and filter

Step 6:

Combine mode!

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Cyberpunk aquarium. Love it.

    That looks amazing! Could you share a little more detail in the text of each step to help describe what you did. I would love to replicate this.


    Reply 1 year ago


    Sorry ~ I am not good at English.. ( but i can speak Korean very well :-) )

    Next time

    I'll do my best!!