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Introduction: Acrylic LED Pendant

About: ... found out that the FabLab Aachen has a Laser cutter and a PCB mill (and other fun stuff of course), decided to stay there for a while :-)

For this years Helle-Koepfe workshop we simplified the last years nametags.

Again we use the lasercutter to work with 2mm acrylic. A 3mm LED and a 2032 coin cell is used to enlight the pendant, and a simple string is used to wear it.

Step 1: Production

Making the pendant is pretty streightforward: Each kid could write their name on the pendant in the svg file and chose a motive, which is then cutted out with the laser, motive and name are either engraved or marked. Thereafter, the backside protection foil is removed and a led inserted into the small hole.

The legs of the LED are then bend to reduce their length and a coin cell inserted into the big hole. A strip of transparent adhesive tape fixates the legs on the battery and guarantees contact.

A piece of string through the upper holes completes the pendant.

Done and Enjoy!



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    2 years ago

    What laser settings did you use for engraving the acrylic to that nice frosty finish?

    2 replies

    Use cast acrylic (compared to extruded) to get a frosty white finish. I use 81% speed and 40% power with my 45watt engraver.

    I'm not really sure what to use with a different laser cutter, i just used "engrave" in the VisiCut control software with 100% power and 100% speed for the laser cutter, the frosty finish happens i think by chance through the pulsation of the laser and the resulting uneven surface