Acrylic Light Display




Introduction: Acrylic Light Display

How to make an acrylic light display.

Step 1: Supplies

Hot glue
Engraving tool
Acrylic sheet
12v batteries tholder
Adhesive LED strip
On/off switch
Soldering iron
Duct tape

Step 2: Engrave

Tape your picture under the acrylic sheet. Use the engraving tool to trace over the design.

Step 3: Build a Base

Use cardboard to make a base and hot glue all the sides together. The base will hold up your plastic sheet and contain the electronics. Make a slit in the top for the plastic to go into. I also cut a small hole for the on/off switch and then covered the base in duct tape to make it look nicer.

Step 4: Electronics

Solder the battery and switch leads, positive to positive, neg to neg. Put the let on a piece of cardboard that can go inside the base. Position it under the plastic sheet as close as possible. Add batteries.



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    Going to attempt to make one where would you recommend getting templates thanks for the great ible

    1 reply

    What type of bit was on that engraver? excellent work, thank you!