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first Again sorry about the language if you think i can use another word for a better explanation let me know.

In my work i need to make a lot of diferent things, this motor reducer would be used for a 1.2 Mts rotatory logo using battery for day night work for 3 entire days and upside a fountain it can´t be conected or have any visible cable, my boss laughed wen i proposed using an old cd rom drive motor for a low electric consume, well she now belive in the power of a little motor.

i only test whit 14 Kg and the motor reducer don´t send signs or sound of problems
the motor 5.9VDC 0.12/0.25A 6900 Rpm to 1.8 Rpm
it use 6 gear with 91 teeth and 6 gear whit 25 teeth

it was made whit 6 and 3 mm in acrylic with a total weight of 1.2 Kg
all the parts with glue like the union of the 2 gears was made with AD-CRYL EXTRA from plastiglas (just a acrylic solvent) and i use a 12mm acrylic cylinder bar for the axis. and for polish NOVUS 2

unfortunately few days ago the hotel said all the rotatory logo needs to be 7kg maximum, and this motor reducer would be used inside a big box like base and all the components exceed the 7 kg, so i re design all for a planetary gear, wen finished i share the design

i forgot this: in the cdr fileblack is for 6mm and green for 3 mm

but if some one can use this feel free to use

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