Acrylic Puzzle

Introduction: Acrylic Puzzle


0.125" acrylic about 12" x 12"


Laser cutter

Step 1:

Draw shapes in coreldraw:

use various shapes tools in coreldraw to draw other shapes within the material square/rectangle, I did: rectangle, circle, ellipse, pentagon, parallelogram, letter J, star, arrow, square

Step 2:

set all outside/border lines to hairline width and color to RGB red.

cut the shapes on the laser cutter (print, set printing options, close lid, press play)

Step 3:

image of completed cuts

Step 4:

remove the paper from the acrylic

Analysis: I failed to keep the ctrl key held down while enlarging shapes which resulted in non symetrical shapes(although to the eye they are symmetrical). this resulted in a better/more challenging puzzle which holds the interest of my 4 year old longer.

The Kerf of the laser (amount vaporized) was surprisingly small resulting in a good loose/snug fit.

I made it at TechShop

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