Acrylic Stand for Glasses

Introduction: Acrylic Stand for Glasses

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This week we are making an acrylic stand for our wooden glasses that we've created (

We've used:

- 20mm (3/4") TroGlass Clear acrylic for the base and main stand

- 3mm (1/8") TroGlass Colour Gloss acrylic for all the colours of the logo

- 3mm (1/8") TroGlass Clear acrylic for the glasses support

You can purchase all of our acrylic lines here:

Step 1: Preparing the File

You can use any of the files attached whether its CDR, Ai or EPS.

The sections are divided and clearly marked.

Red-outline needs to be hairline (0.1") for the full cut.

Blue-outline also needs to be hairline for the kiss-cut (partial cut).

Step 2: Cutting the Clear Acrylic

We first make a kiss-cut onto the 20mm (3/4") clear acrylic, the reason we do so is to know the position of where to glue the coloured acrylic onto the clear.

To cut this thick acrylic we've used the SP500 200w laser. With one pass at 100 power and 0.25 speed. Most users won't have a 200w laser so we recommend using multiple passes at 100 power and 0.1 speed to cut the thick acrylic.

Step 3: Cutting the Coloured Acrylic

We then cut each individual 1/8" coloured acrylic using 100 power and 3 speed on the SP500.

Step 4: Glueing the Acrylic

The next step is to glue to coloured acrylic onto the clear. Trotec Laser Canada offers 3M adhesive backing on every piece of acrylic we sell. We cut the coloured acrylic with the adhesive backing already attached. All we do then is just peel it and glue to where we've made the kiss-cut.

Step 5: Putting the Stand Together

After all the colours are glued, we then insert the main stand into the base and use acrylic glue to permanently glue the edges.

Step 6: Making the Supports

We then cut our 1/8" clear acrylic supports using the same settings as the coloured acrylic. 100 power, 3 speed. We add acrylic glue and insert them into the holes of the 20mm (3/4") main acrylic stand.

Step 7: Adding the Glasses

We then insert all of our wooden glasses into the stand and we're set!

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