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Ever wanted to pursue an acting career? Well read on to find a few tips to help you succeed. Good luck! Thanks to killerjackalope who collaborated with me.

Step 1: Learning Your Character/Life Experience

Read up on your character, you'll need to understand how they interact with others in the play and how you plan to emulate this.

Sometimes it really helps to try your best to get in your characters shoes, that way you're not so much faking the emotional responses of them, more acting them out which is different. one way that can make it easier is to draw on your own experiences in life, at least for basic emotional responses and for more complicated stuff, remember it mightn't be an exact replica of what happened to the character but it can work, more so if the end feelings you had and what the character is to have are in line with each other.

Take the time to read the whole script, learn how your character is taken in by others, look at them objectively, not as if you are them as well as your version of them, it's important to do so because then you have some idea of what you believe the character is like.

Some times surrounding literature can be a big help here, as well as asking the directors etc. how they want to see the character be realized, it's open to interpretation but it's their call how to interpret it.

Step 2: Memorizing Lines...

OK now you can't forget your lines - it's bad and naughty...

Everyone has their own way of learning their lines and whatever works for you is fine, as long as it's not writing it on your hands...

So the problem isn't learning them, it tends to be recalling them, you're going to have to chill out and calm down, don't get ahead of yourself and don't panic when that one line comes, up, sometimes what you were in your head will jar your memory in to action again since it makes it linear if you remember your lines by reading them all through like one block. If that doesn't work try thinking of the reply to the line just said, it's easy if you know what they just said much of the time because you have a rough idea of what anyone would say to help bring that line up from the murky depths of that mud pit you call a mind. Anyway once you're on stage you need to be in your element, having a lot of rehearsals in front of all the crew can really help, once you're up there and get on form it's much easier to keep chilled out. Now the key to recalling a line is not to freeze and panic, when you do that it makes it ten times harder to remember the line.

Step 3: Know Your Part

Read your part carefully. Know the mood. You don't want to sound sad when the part is happy and happy when it is sad. Also remember your part carefully. Although the details are important, you should remember key words in case you forget your part on stage. It will also help to listen to the other actors' parts so you know where you are in the play and so if you forget, you might remember your part again.

Step 4: Listen Carefully.

You need to listen to feedback, just because you got the lead doesn't mean you'll keep it, your peers and directors etc. will be very important to listen to. It's their show at the end of the day so you'll have to make sure you keep them happy by doing it their way. Getting feedback from potential audience is also a good plan, it'll really help give you an idea of who thinks it's good, not everyone will. Take it from a photographer/artist/vagrant, nothing is ever to everyone's tastes, unless it's safe and bland, which is not considered good.

Don't just remember what the people said, take it on and adjust accordingly, if you forget to put sugar in your coffee you'll go spoon it in won't you?

Step 5: On Stage.

Make sure you

Another important thing is to project your voice. You need everyone in the audience to hear you. Don't be afraid. Speak loud and clear and with emotion. Don't use monotone.

Step 6: Be Confident, Overcome Stage Fright

Don't be scared. Sound confident. There is nothing to worry about. Take a deep breath before you walk onto stage. When you are on stage, don't stutter. Often, you will forget your script this way. If it helps, you can put your favorite object in a chair in the audience so when you are on stage, you can look at it to boost your confidence. Also, don't speak too fast. When you are nervous, you ten do speak faster than usual.

Step 7: Done

Congratulations and good luck on your next acting experience! Don't forget to rate, comment, and vote!

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    9 years ago on Step 6

    This is an important tips. Confidence must necessary to perform well.

    Thanks for giving advice how to boost confidence while performing on a stage.
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    I dunno but either way it's up to yourself, if we were to win you'd definitely get a prize and I'd hope for one lol... I've got a few things to add or if you'd rather not I'll just do a separate 'ible


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It's great that you are going to collaborate on this one. Remember that you need original images and that the Instructable has got to be really awesome. Right now as it is, this one wouldn't have made the cut - so awesomify it! And to answer your question, should you have the winning answer, of course you'll both get prizes! Rock on.


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    so what about the 1929 contest? will my collaborators get books too, if i win? not to sound arrogant or anything, but i am in the lead for votes, and they were very helpful, each contributing up to an entire step...


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    umm dunno, just got shot down by the other one, it's got all the points I would have made a long with these. If I get much of a chance then I shall work on it with jellywoo...


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    Like beat to the punch with the point's I'd make and better written then my thoughts would be, acting teacher vs. basic experience in blagging, acting, lying and general strange applications of drama...

    I've done a bunch of things in life, never been the school play guy but I know how to act and beyond that acting theory I learnt painfully - went out with two actresses, lemme say drama queens.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It's looking good - but what about meeting the original images requirement?

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe elaborate a bit, give us some tips/tricks that you know of. This doesn't really tell me anything...