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I recently bought a $20 nock off of a GoPro and it didn't come with many mounts so today I'm going to create a handle to do water sports with. The tripod mount it came with isn't a normal one where you can screw a bolt in so I am modifying a design, I hope you enjoy

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this you will need You will need
Some kind of small tripod mount
PVC Pipe
A drill bit to thin out the pipe and a drill
A heat gun or torch
Heat resistant gloves

Step 2: Preparing the Pipe

Start by using the drill to thin The Pipe so it will stretch out and conform to the tripod mount when heated.

Step 3: Forming the Pipe and Tripod Mount

Use the heat gun or torch to heat the pipe until its soft and moldable. Stick the tripod mount in the hole and use pliers and gloves to press the soft pipe.

Step 4: Cut the Handle to Length

Find how long you want it to be and cut it.

Step 5: Add a Lanyard

Drill a small hole and stick a rope through. Tie it of to where it can tighten around either your wrist or a floating thing.

Step 6: Conclusion

This mount works great and it actually floats, the only problem is the camera turns out to not be very water proof. I hope you enjoyed please like subscribe and if you could vote for me. Thanks for reading

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