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Hello, I wanted to display some figures I have at home, but I've got two little girls, ones 7 and the others 1, and the small parts with the figures and the temptation to play with them is to high for them so I figured I'd frame them as a little weekend project, it's not a massive instructables, and its a simple job, I ended up making two of these, There cheap to make, all you need are a picture frame, some scrap wood, bit of paint and a poundshop/dollar store LED click light, here's how........

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Step 1: Parts

Cheap picture frame, click led light, some off cuts, I went with 3inch deep on my wood, pull the frame apart and measure the wood into the frame so it fits in the back, use the back of the frame as the back of the wood, a little pva and panel pins will hold it all in place

Step 2: Like So

Here's the simple build, as you can see I've put a little plastic shelf in the frame to put the led light under,

Step 3: ...

So, checking it all fits ok, I pulled it all apart and pulled the led light apart, I wanted to get the little switch out, and mount it on the side of the frame, a few little tweaks and a bit of extended wire and a hole in the side of the wood and where nearly done! Simple one this!

Step 4: Paint and Tidy

Whist it's apart I painted the wood black, also the mount that came in the frame came in useful, a bit of measuring and I recut the mount to cover the front and led

Step 5: Done

So simple little project, bit of a tidy up on the mount is needed, I had some left over felt from another project so I used that for the inside, ( but I might change it later for graph paper because I think that'll look cool,also haven't decided is I want the lights at the top or bottom yet but it works both ways, so yeah, stabilise your figures and hang on the wall! Nice framed figures that light up, and double up as soft lighting! Thanks for looking!

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