Action Figure Party Scene

Introduction: Action Figure Party Scene

About: Art made from scraps. Instagram: Ollysartsnscraps

I decided to make a party scene with all my toys after I purchased a little living room set from a thrift store. It took off from there. Shopping for miniature things for the party scene, more and more characters showed up, so did the accessories. And the party really started. So if you can't get rid of your favourite toys and video game characters make them party.

Step 1: Gather Your Toys

I kept scale of things in mind to keep it looking real. I shopped around thrift stores and antique malls and found characters and objects
Characters I have include:
Zombie ed- Shaun of the dead
Big show
austin powers
Scott evil
Kimbo slice
Captain jack sparrow
Doug Mckenzie
Elsalvador and a couple of skeletons

Step 2: Gather Miniature Furniture

Two mini couches, an armchair, a lounging chair, a platform, two bonsai trees, a coffee table, a bathtub full of ice,zen garden and every party needs a disco ball. Everything mini.

Step 3: Gather Your Accessories

My accessories include
Don cherrys dog, raccoon, skunk, Walkman, bibles, wine, nightmare on elm street script, cooler, beer bottles, beer boxs, wine , rake, mammoth skull, bong, guns, axe, hacksaw, briefcase with 1 billion dollars, Clifford's bowl, dice , donuts, toe necklace , gravestone, heart, and others

Step 4: Wall and Floor

I found a mini mirror and mini canvases, painted a mini picture and used pops pictures to make other "paintings" and a foam floor alphabet mat.

Step 5: Find a Shelf or Place for It

I used a three shelves shelf and layed leftover bathroom tiles for a tile floor

Step 6: Hang Up Wall Decorations

Step 7: Place Furniture

Just like arranging furniture in a real room it will take a lot of moving until you find the right look

Step 8: Start Placing Your Party Goers

Step 9: Place Your Objects

Place your objects like they would be after a good party

Step 10: And Your Party Scene Is Done

Have fun

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Where did you get that mini longboard?


    6 years ago

    I can't help but like this. Pretty wild party wow. I see a couple characters didn't make it through the night.