Action Figure Rocket

Everybody wants to luanch a action figure in a rocket, so you should luanch them and these instructions will help you.

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Step 1: The Figure

Any action figure will work as long as its bottom is larger in diameter than your model rocket engine. I like to use the smallest model rocket engine I can so that I have more options with what action figure I use.( Im not pejuicedest against action figures).

Step 2: The Rocket

Once you have your figure drill a hole the diameter of the rocket engine in the bottom of it. That hole is where you put the engine when you luanch it. Now drill a 1/4 centiameter hole straight through the action figure.

Step 3: The Last Stage

before you luanch this off bend a coat hanger into a straight line. when you luanch this off make sure to stick the coathanger into the ground and put the coathanger through the 1/4 centiameter hole and then you can luanch it off

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