Actobitty 2 With the TB6612FNG SparkFun Motor Driver, Beginners Guide.




This instructables is for the Actobitty 2 Robot With the SparkFun ® TB6612FNG Motor Driver

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Step 1: Installing the Library

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First You Go to Then scroll down to Library and Example Code section, and click the TB6612FNG Arduino Library download link, it will download as a zip file leave is as that for now. to install it in the arduino programmer application. go to sketch tab at the top of the window, go down to the "Include Library", then to the "add .ZIP Library...", and go to downloads folder. if you moved the "SparkFun TB6612FNG Arduino Library master" .ZIP file then go there and click on the file.

Step 2: Wiring the Robot.

You Wire Up The robot like how it is in the picture or PDF (the PDF is just the picture but more HD, that is the easiest way to show how to wire it up

Step 3: Basic Code

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The Basic Code can be found in the .zip file you downloaded in step one (SparkFun_TB6612FNG_Arduino_Library-master) Your going to need to extract the file, then open it with the Arduino IDE, to do that go to File, Open, SparkFun_TB6612FNG_Arduino_Library-master, SparkFun_TB6612FNG_Arduino_Library-master, examples, MotorTestRun, MotorTestRun.ino

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    2 years ago

    Great Instructable; that is a good motor driver by Sparkfun, I have used it too.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. I agree about it being a good motor driver, just can be a little confusing at the beginning.


    2 years ago

    If You see anything I messed up on it would really help if you tell me what it is. this is the first instructable I'v made ever