Ad Hoc Bike 'stand' Using Doorknob and Bike Rack





Introduction: Ad Hoc Bike 'stand' Using Doorknob and Bike Rack

If your shifting is off and you need to make an adjustment but do not have a bike stand. Try a door knob.

I apologize for the poor picture quality.

Step 1: Hang the Rack on the Doorknob

Hook the bike rack frame over the doorknob. Some racks will have a different configuration. If your rack wont hang on your door knob, try zip tying it.

Note: it is best to have the chain side facing towards you to make adjustments easier. My pics show the opposite.

Step 2: Angle Bike to Allow Pedal Clearance

Face the handlebars away from the wall and angle the bike to allow the pedals to rotate without touching the wall.

Step 3: Now Adjust Your Derailers

You are ready to adjust your bike now.



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    Cool idea, but don't do it on an exit door that you might need in an emergency. Impatiently moving bikes around is challenging enough without having to do it because you're trying to escape a fire or some other emergency.

    This is a great idea. I wish I had thought of it. Thanks.

    Another idea is to just flip the bike over so it is sitting on its handle bars and seat, you can put blocks of wood under the bars so you don't accidentally kink a brake cable. Simple, quick and don't have to worry about damaging the door or walls doing it. I have trued wheels this way too, just use the brake pads as indicators.

    I'd only do this if you have quality doorknobs with metal parts inside. My 30 pound daughter hung from one of our cheap door knobs a few times and the plastic internal latch mechanism split, eventually becoming inoperable. However, most quality bikes come in under that weight and it shouldn't be a problem.

    That's a very good tip. I don't have a rack on my bike though. Tried hooking the saddle to the door-handle (since I don't have any knobs) and it worked very well. You should, however, turn the bike the other way so the gears are facing you and not the wall to improve accessibility.

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