AdYou "A New Way to Advertise"

Introduction: AdYou "A New Way to Advertise"

AdYou is a revolutionary new idea to change the world of advertising. Combining projection technology and an easy to use website our goal is to finally make your voice heard.The grand prize of $25,000.00 will help in the creation of the projector device that will be installed in cars. Unlike a normal projector it will have a GPS and small computer connected to the AdYou network. Along with that we will need to copyright the name and branding as well as get the website up and running. My name is Mikey Campbell and I am a 21 year old student born on March 1st 1991 and my partners name is Chris Biscoe who is 22 and was born on June 7 1990. We want to start our entrepreneurial adventure as soon as possible with the help of the Jack Daniels Independence Project.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Where I live people pay to have advertising stuck on buses - how would this be better (and legally-permitted)?