Adafruit XBee Adapter Kit



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The Adafruit adapter is probably the best XBee adapter and you get to put it together yourself.

Step 1: Equipment

You are going to need some equipment to finish this kit.

The equipment I used in this project was:

* Soldering iron.

* Soldering tind.

* Helping hands (with fume extractor).

* Soldering paste.

* Soldering iron tip cleaner.

Step 2: Soldering the Ic

When you are placing the ic on the PCB make sure the half circle is on the same side that the half circle on the PCB is.

Youse soldering paste on the places you are going to be soldering.

Step 3: Solder All the Parts

place the parts where they are meant to be and use soldering paste to make it much easier to solder.

Step 4: The Pins

In this step you can choose how to have your pins, I chose to have mine 180 degrees, but if you want to do the same you need long headed pins.

Thanks for viewing!

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