Adai With Mixed Lentils

Introduction: Adai With Mixed Lentils

Adai, as we call it in Tamil, is a pan-fried South Indain dish used for breakfast or dinner. Adai is made with thick batter poured on a flat Dosa making pan and cooked till both sides are fried to a golden brown. There are many variations and combinations of materials used in making the batter. Here I have used all lentils and rice mixed together for the batter to make this delicious dish.

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Step 1: How to Make the Batter

  • Take one measure each of Rice, Red Gram, Bengal gram, Green gram and black gram all split and cleaned.
  • Mix all together and soak in water for about four to five hours
  • After soaking, clean and wash the mixed ingredients
  • Using a wet grinder or a mixer - grinder, grind the soaked lentils to form a medium thick batter
  • Do not add too much water. the batter should not be runny or too thick

Step 2: Other Ingredients

The following other ingredients are finely chopped and mixed with the batter

  • Two medium sized onions, finely chopped
  • Four or five garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • Handful of curry leaves, chopped
  • Five to six Red chilies, broken into pieces
  • Salt to taste

Add all these ingredients to the batter and mix well

Step 3: Pour Adai

  • Heat a Dosa making pan over medium fire
  • Take a ladle-full of batter and place it on the center of the pan. See the thickness of batter
  • Spread on the pan using the ladle
  • Add drops of oil on the sides

Step 4: Remove From Pan

  • Using a Dosa making spatula, just lift one side and see it is fully cooked to golden brown
  • Now using the spatula, turn over the adai on the pan and allow the other side to cook
  • Once both sides are properly cooked, remove from pan

Serve hot with coconut chutney.

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