Adapter for Ryobi 18V Batteries



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Use this 3D printed adapter to power all of your things with a Ryobi 18V battery.

I used this to power a TS-100 soldering iron, but it can be used with just about anything that can use the Ryobi batteries voltage.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

  • 3D printed case. Files at: Thingiverse
  • Ryobi One+ battery
  • 2 spring contacts
  • 2 screws for securing the spring contacts
  • 2 ring connectors for attaching to the spring contacts
  • Wire or cable to connect to your device

I put a few electrical kits together if you want to buy all the small pieces in 1 package: Electircal components

I also have a kit with the 3D print included too incase you can't 3D print your own: Case and Electrical Components

Step 2: Terminate Cable to Ring Connectors

Drill a hole through the case. In order to keep the hole small I routed my wires through before adding the ring terminals to the end.

Step 3: Stack Up the Components and Then Screw Them Down

Put all the electrical components together and then screw them down. The ryobi battery should have +/- marks on the top that you should be able to use to help determine positive and negative.

The stack up goes: Screw - Ring Terminal - Spring Contact - Case

Using some tweezers may help make the installation easier since you are working down inside the case.

Step 4: Wrap It Up

I used a couple zip ties to strain relief the wires in the case. Other than that it should be good to go, enjoy your cordless freedom!

Electrical Components

Electrical and Case



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