Adaptive Equipment Non-Profit Dream Project

Introduction: Adaptive Equipment Non-Profit Dream Project

About: I'm an educator in Waukee, IA. I love making stuff, learning, playing ultimate frisbee, and flying kites. I live with my 2 boys and my lovely wife Heidi.

My dream is two-fold:
-teach others how to make affordable adapted toys and switches for kids with motor delays/impairments
-provide low or no-cost toys and switches to families, hospitals, and schools.

Lots of kids need help communicating and playing and adapted equipment is crazy expensive compared to a typical kids selection of toys.  ($10 crappy singing teddy bear = $40 switched toy,  simple single switch ~$60 up to $250 easily)

I'd like to create a non-profit that would run community service events at work places, schools, boy/girl scout troops or anywhere else to educate people and provide equipment for families and organizations in need of equipment.  

Funding would go to making portable soldering/adapting kits, hand tools for toy dis-assembly, materials for switches and toys, and other support materials/tools to provide equipment, switch materials, and teaching materials.

Adapting toys and making  has been the most satisfying work I've ever been a part of.  

Two of my favorites:
--Watching my son play independently for the first time we as set him up with a switch meant my wife could do the dishes without feeling like she was ignoring him as he sat in his chair at the table- Awesome for him - Awesome for my wife too.
--Hearing about a families excitement to give their kid an adapted R2D2 for Christmas because they are all Star Wars nuts (but no one sells an adapted R2D2)  was one of my favorites.

It's not difficult work, but people are a little scared to dis-assemble a toy and solder wires onto a circuit board.  With a little encouragement and guidance, it is a great way for people to learn, serve, and enjoy giving their time and skills to kids who have some extra challenges in their lives.

Thanks for checking it out!

Kevin Tow 
Waukee, IA

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