Add Fan Support to Gen6 Electronics

Introduction: Add Fan Support to Gen6 Electronics

For a while now I've got a 3D-printer. An Orca V0.43 to be exact.
This is a 3D-printer from
I'm very satisfied with the printer, it prints well, it isn't that hard to put together and it looks good.
But it doesn't support a fan to cool your prints.
The Orca V0.43 runs on the gen6 deluxe electronics.
The gen6 electronics do have a connector wich says "fan" but this is a direct connection to the 12V input. This means that the fan connected to this connector will always be on.

In this instructable I will explain how I added a controlable fan to my gen6 deluxe electronics. this instructable will probably work for the gen6 too.
With a few modifications it would also be possible to control pretty much everything. For example a heated bed for the gen6 users (gen6 doesn't support a heated bed, gen6 deluxe does).

Step 1: The Electronics

The electronics to make this work are very simple.
To control the fan I used a pin from the I2C port. The I2C port has 4 pins available, two digital pins, a ground and 5 volts.
The two digital pins are pin 16 and 17.

To switch my fan I use pin 17, a resistor, a transistor and a couple of connectors.
You can find the schematic in the picture.

Another option is the seven switch which can can be found here

Step 2: The Firmware

There are a couple of things you will have to change in the firmware of your printer to make the fan work.

First things first the firmware supplied by mendel-parts does not support PWM/speed control, the fan can only be turned on and off.
To get the PWM for the fan working you will need to download the latest firmware from
When you update to this new firmware you will need to change the configurations to match those off the firmware from mendel-parts.

The pins from the I2C connector must be defined/redefined to tell the firmware what the pins do (control a heated bed or a fan).
Defining the pins is done in the "pins" tab of the firmware. In the "pins" tab you need to find "motherboard == 5" this part defines the pins for the gen6 electronics. In the picture you can see what you will have to change.

When you're done with the firmware you need to upload it to your gen6 board.

Step 3: Hardware

now you can print the cooling tower and mount all the components.
The cooling tower I printed can be found here

Step 4: All Done

Well you're done start printing!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, I have tried to make this without good results... xS
    Can you help me?

    In the picture of my electronics, you can see I made it slightly different, the brown cable goes to the fan, the other cable of the fan goes directly to the 12V...
    The green one goes to Ground, and this leaves the white one (the one that becomes gray) just for the PIN 17 of my GEN6 Deluxe.
    Did I make anything wrong?

    Therefore, here I leave you 2 different firmwares I have tried to use in order to make this work. There are 2 folders in a RAR file. I hope you can check them and tell me if there is anything wrong with them.
    Each one is made with different versions of the Arduino IDE, one modified from the original firmware downloadable from mendel-parts, and the other one modified from the one you can get in GitHub from ErikZalm.
    -> The files:

    Please, help me, I really need to make this work.
    Thank you very much!