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Very simple LED setup for your costume!

Step 1: Get Some Junk!

I did a "Walk for the Cure" for breast cancer awareness. My mom was winning the fight, so I wanted people to enjoy in the humor and love of life she kept through it all. The costume was just thrown together, but, it wasn't enough. So I added some lights!
A roll of LED lights off eBay, a simple trigger from RadioShack, some wire and a battery from my power drill. Plus a few zip ties, 2 blade connectors and some tape.

Step 2: Wires and Ties

Very simple wiring! It took more time trying to figure out how to run all the wires so I could put the switch in my hand and battery at my back. I went with the ribbon to symbolize cancer.
The battery was going to be attached to my belt behind me, so I made the lil plastic holder with zip ties to hold it in place. Blade type connectors made it easier to connect to the battery, and just twisting the wires and holding with hot glue (This wasn't going to be a permanent set up, so no need for the solder and all that).
Tape added to tame down the colors on the end (didn't need it glowing under my tutu...).
Last pic is just a quick flick of the palm held trigger.

Step 3: Take a Walk!

Here are just a few shots of people who wanted pics with me! The wiring was just held onto a shirt with regular masking tape. Trigger wire ran down my arm and into my hand. The "ribbon" was held onto my chest with tape as well. If you look at the top of the ribbon you will see where it was slightly faded, that's where the tape is!
LED is a great, easy, and versatile little element to work with and can add the extra hoorah to your costume. Have fun and thank you for reading!

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    I just walked into a party store and they had all the stuff. Halloween City, Party City, Nobbies, those kind of places. Its what we have around here and I'm sure each place has online access too.

    I had a purple morphsuit and yellow accessories so I could ride my motorcycle...but the wig kept falling off. So, when I was asked to be in the walk, I knew I'd go the same way, but with pink. The tutu was the teams idea, I just added to it. Lol!

    Haha, could you pin the wig to the suit, maybe? I've never worn a morphsuit before, but I think this might be my go-to costume in the future! What's the visibility like while wearing them?

    Visibility isnt the best, I can only describe it like wearing leg tights over your face (basically what the outfit is made of, but a bit thicker). Ended up not being the smartest thing to wear on a bike. Lol! As far as the wig, I suppose it could be stuck on with velcro tape? Maybe a quick needle and thread, but I didnt know if that would mess with the integrity of the suit for the head or not (like getting a run in the tights and then just tossing them...?)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good for your Mom!! It's a long and difficult fight, but the win is worth it all!! And you look great!! You, in that outfit, would be a morale booster on any walk in any city. Maybe you should take your costume on the road - or at least keep it in the car when you travel, in case you spot a walk already in progress!

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    Lol! I am immature enough that I almost decided to dress up as a Boob inspector. Mom thought it was funny (see where I get my sense of humor!), but inevitably I thought it would be in poor taste, so I went with this and glad I did! So many people smiling and laughing despite the cold weather. I will keep this costume around for a long time!

    i am "positive" that you uplifted many who may have started that walk feeling a bit "negative" lol. corny i know but your cure costume is outstanding and i am sure your mom will continue to be so proud and get a kick everytime she sees those pictures. Moms and tata's everywhere be blessed!

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    My Aunt and Mom were with me and took a lot of pics of different people and their reactions. I don't think a single person could hold back the laugh or the smiles when I was talking to them. A lot of fun was had that day. The little one with me in the top pics was my niece. Her job was to babysit me and make sure I didn't wonder off! Lol! And she was my technical assistant in case the battery came disconnected, she was quick to make them work again for all the people who wanted pics. She really was the unsung hero for my costume.