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this isn't much of an instructable, as the components can be purchased and combined, but i don't know how often people have done it before. I'm using a Mattel Juice Box as the mp3 player for my stereo system.

The Juice Box may still retail at $50, but kb toys and amazon often have the full media kit (juicebox + mmc adapter) for $15 or less.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Here are the necessary materials:

1) Mattel Juicebox Media Kit (or juicebox modded to add mmc slot as seen here: mine was 9.99 at kb toys with the media kit (the white box))
2) 350mA 4.5v ac adapter with the correct tip (i used a unit by Coby that cost $3 at Ocean State Job Lots)
3) stereo miniplug to dual rca adapter cable (dollar tree toted these for ipod at, you guessed it, $1)

Step 2: Hook It Up

I said this wasn't much of an instructable...

connect the dual rca to your stereo's aux input
connect the miniplug to the juicebox
plug the adapter in, and check tip and voltage

Step 3: Load Data

The juicebox takes sd cards up to 512mb in size, but they have to be FAT16.

So, plug an SD into your computer or card reader and right-click on the drive and choose format
select FAT (not FAT32) as the filesystem and format.

now, load the drive with 128kbps 44100hz mp3 files and enjoy.

I don't normally use 128kbps mp3s, so i'll add an instructable about exporting them from Rhapsody next



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    6 Discussions


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Is there a way to use a USB extension cord ( so I could use a jump drive?


    12 years ago

    Keep in mind that the juice box only plays Mp3s that are ripped at a certain compression if you want to drag and drop them on the card. I think its 128 and lower but I'm not sure.

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    !28kbps or lower at 44100Hz... I'm currently working on an instructable on converting Rhapsody files


    12 years ago

    Ahh, good old windowblinds. I haven't used that for some time. I thought maybe you were using an acutal msstyles file like you can with the media center skin.


    12 years ago

    You could buy a 2gb mp3 player and a stereo cable for less than this. This is a little kids toy, not a full blown mp3 player. Otherwise, the instructable was good and easy to go through. Btw, what theme is that you got for windows xp?

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    really? all that for $15? I'd love to get one if you've got a link.

    The plusses with this setup include:

    1) large screen displaying id3 info
    2) good design for leaving attached... e.g. it stands at a nice viewing angle and can be controlled without moving it.
    3) removable memory, so you can easily load it without moving it
    4) I already had one that I was attempting another hack with

    anywho, I just saw it as a good re-purposing of the hardware

    oh, and BTW, the I'm running WindowBlinds 5 with a skin called "Longhorn Slate 4051"

    I've got a screenshot of my current config at: