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About: I work at RobotZone ( the folks behind Actobotics and ) in Winfield, KS. I love working on projects with my kids and seeing what they create.

Here is a super simple one for you. If you have a robot claw like ServoCity's awesome Parallel Gripper Kit A and you want to add a little extra grip to your gripper then sugru is just the stuff. For me this was also great way to add some color (thus making our gripper match the color scheme of our Runt Rover™).

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Step 1: Divide and Roll

Divide one small pack of sugru into two balls and then roll each into a cylinder shape with a business card... it will look a bit like a crayon at this point. The sugru does seem to transfer some color to things when it is not fully dried.. I used a piece of paper to keep from getting yellow on my desk.

Step 2: Apply

Next simply put in place. You can gently caress the shape with a pen or colored pencil.

Let it solidify overnight, and Robert's your mother's brother.. your gripper has more grip.

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