Add Pass Light Switch to Scooter

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Have you been Irritated from the high beams from oncoming vehicles during the night?

If yes then you are in the right place.

however indian scooters do not come fitted with a pass light feature except for the TVS jupiter.

the following instructable will tell you how to add a pass light to your scooter under 100 Indian Rupees.

I have succesfully managed to do this on honda activa and honda DIO and hence it should also work for honda aviator, Hero Pleasure and Suzuki Access

Step 1: Materials , Tools Needed

  1. TVS Jupiter's Hi-Low beam switch which has got pass light feature.
    costs around 95-98 rupees
  2. 1m automotive wire.(speaker wire will also work)
  3. wire stripper
  4. Insulation Tape
  5. File tool
  6. Multimeter if you want to be sure of your connections.
  7. common sense

Step 2: Making the Space

Take out your existing Hi-Low switch button from the dash of the scooter.

The pass light switch button is little large on its sides so use the file tool to file a little portion of the dash to fit in the button.

Step 3: Connections

The stock wiring connector has 3 wires. Middle is supply and right and left are high and low output wires.

The new button comes with 4 wires and a connector. First get rid of the connector by cutting it out.

Refer to images for further connection.

Connect the middle Brown wire (stock) which is the supply from the stock wiring to the yellow with green stripe color wire of new button which is the suppply.

similarly stock white wire low beam to white with red stripe color wire

and stock Blue wire to combination of yellow and green color wire

The Last remaining orange wire from the switch has to be given a +12vdc from the ignition switch As this is where the output for the pass functionality is going to be supplied.

So run a wire from the ignition switch to this wire and connect it. in my case i have used a speaker wire.

Note: Make sure you do all connections properly and correctly as it can damage your electrical system if done incorrectly.

For other scooters other than activa please check the wires operation before connecting.

Step 4: Testing

Test all your connection.

once everything works fine use insulation tape to cover up the joints.

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy your pass light on your scooter.



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8 Discussions

Sri sai reddy

7 months ago

I whant to purchase Jupiter switch bro but I don’t no how to order that one I whant any web site how to order it tell me plz


Question 1 year ago on Step 5

Hi from Argentina. I need that!! Jaja excelent work! Can you tellme the website or Link to buy it?? Another question. The size of the switch is the same ?? Thanks so much!! Best regards


2 years ago

Great one.

I was once thinking to touch the Activa high beam in parallel to the Horn switch. So as when the horn is pressed, High beam gets activated as well! Could be useful on State highways where horn itself isnt enough to warn people. Prevents you from juggling 2 switches (horn & Pass)

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

A good thought but i think in that case the headlight will blink during daytime even when you want the horn only.

Secondly you might not get a good horn output as well as headlight brightness As the electricals on the activa are weak.

Even after considering this you want the horn too then you can try connecting the horn in parallel to the pass light switch and also make sure to use a diode to restrict reverse flow as the pass light output and high beam output are connected together.

so first connect the horn +ve wire to pass light output wire . next continue this pass output wire to the high beam wire with a diode in between and that should do the trick. :) :)