Add Videos to Video Brochures

Introduction: Add Videos to Video Brochures

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to add videos to a Video Brochure. It is a fairly easy process


Video Brochure (I used one by Video Plus Print)

Computer (I used a Chromebook but it works with any computer)

USB to connect Video Brochure to Computer (This usually comes with the Video Brochure)

Step 1: Attach to Computer

Plug the Video Brochure into the Computer with the USB

The screen of the Video Brochure should say that it is charging once plugged in

On your computer, it should show the files from the Video Brochure as a removable device

You should see the four .avi files in the file VPPGLOBAL

If you are using different Video Brochures, the files may not be .avi, but the process is the same

Step 2: Convert Video

To add a video to your video brochure, you have to convert it to the correct layout

If your video is a .mp4, you have to convert it to a .avi

If your video brochure has a different format, you have to convert it to the format of the videos on the video brochure

You also have to make sure that the video has the same size format (there are many websites online that can do this for you)

The format for the video I had is shown in the picture above, but it may be different for yours

Step 3: Add Video to Brochure

You have to name your video 5.avi before you add it to the video brochure file (or .mp4 if your video has that format)

Then put the video into the VPPGLOBAL file

Once that is done, eject the brochure and unplug it from your computer

You now have another video on your video brochure!

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    When I plug in the device nothing happens on my computer, do you know anyway to fix this?