Add a Cool Features to USB Speaker




Introduction: Add a Cool Features to USB Speaker

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In this project, I have added an extra feature to a simple USB speaker.

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Step 1: How It Works

Step 2: Materiel Required

1) BC547 Transistor X3

2) 100K Resistor X1

3) 10K Resistor X2

4) 104 Ceramic capacitor X1

5) LED X2

6) Dotted board

Step 3: Open Your Speaker

Step 4: Make Circuit Board

I have made PCB. You can make PCB or you can make circuit board using a dotted board.

If you don't know how to make PCB, watch these video.

Basic PCB designing in EAGLE | Part 1

Basic PCB designing in EAGLE | Part 2

How to print PCB at home | Part 3

These are PCB files:

Step 5: Connection

Connect your pcb with audio signal and 5V power supply.

Note: Don't connect any connection with IC output or input.

Step 6: Make Hole

Make two holes for attaching LED.

Step 7: Connect LED and Fix It

Solder some wire with LED to freely attaching LED anywhere in the speaker.

Now fix these LEDs using a glue gun.

Step 8: Assemble

Step 9: Subscribe

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    2 years ago



    2 years ago

    If i like to add more leds..... What should i do?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Put them in parallel with the other LEDs, each transister should be able to power 9 LEDs.