Add a Formica Top & Drawers to Your Work Bench




Introduction: Add a Formica Top & Drawers to Your Work Bench

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This Instructable shows how I added a formica top and drawers to a portable work cart in my workshop.

In a previous instructable I described a portable dust collection system cart that I made for my workshop. This cart has become a great accessory to my workshop, but I found that I was using it a lot as a temporary location for my tools and work(s) in progress.

I decided to add some drawers and a white formica top.

I put my most frequently used tools in the drawers, and then use the top a temporary storage location for other tools and works in progress.

I really like the smooth white formica top, and the drawers are a big help in keeping things organized!

Step 1: Make Drawers ...

In previous instructables, I describe how to make drawers for various shop cabinets.

The main difference for these drawers is that I made the front face only about an inch tall and then routed the edges. This makes it very easy to see what's in the drawers without having to open them.

Step 2: Add Formica Top ...

I found a nice white formica desk top at our local Restore for $17.

I cut the formica top to the width of the top of the drawers plus 1-1/2", and then routed the cut side so that it was smooth.

I then attached two small strips of 3/4" plywood to each side using pocket screws.

This holds the top securely in place, but allows it to be easily removed.

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    2 years ago

    I found 12' of laminate top at the local college surplus sales. They were so glad to get rid of it I took it for nothing. I then cut the top to match a base cabinet I had and it has been super for a work surface top. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


    3 years ago

    I use similar pre-fab laminate countertops for a couple of my workbenches. They hold up well to pretty serious abuse including acid and weld splattter.


    4 years ago

    Nice idea. Formica does make for a nice looking bench top. Just make certain to keep any moisture off the sub-straight and it will last for a long time.