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Introduction: Add a Hook

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A simple to do hack that will not only organize your shower essentials, but make showering easier with this easy to reach idea

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Step 1: Items Needed

1. Plastic Clothes Hanger

2. Utility Knife

3. Tape

4. Bottle of shampoo, conditioner or body wash

Step 2: Cut and Tape Clothes Hanger

1. Simply cut the hanger with the utility knife on the marks shown. No need to cut the hanger all the way just etch firmly on the mark and snap the hanger apart.

2. Next wrap the hook a couple of times near the center so when you tape the hook to the bottle the hook will no slip out of the tape.

3. Tape the lower part of the hook around the bottle several times.

Step 3: Hang You Creation

Hang you creation to the shower curtain rod or the shower caddy under the shower nozzle. Quick and easy hack.

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