Add a Macro Lens to Your Cell Phone With a Geology Magnifier

Introduction: Add a Macro Lens to Your Cell Phone With a Geology Magnifier

This simple hack lets you take close up photos of tiny stuff with your iPhone.

In the course of studying natural environments, I wanted to be able to take macro photographs of insects and plants. I wanted an inexpensive and portable way of using a cell phone or ipod with a magnifier to take these photos.

This instructable shows you how to make a macro lens addition to your iPhone with just a rubber band and a pocket magnifier.

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Step 1: Materials

  • iPhone, iPod or other cell phone or tablet with a camera
  • geologist's 10x magnifying glass (folding pocket magnifier)
  • wide 2” elastic band

Step 2: Cutting the Elastic Band

Fold the elastic band and make a short cut (1/2“) with scissors along the elastic band.

The magnifier lens should just fit through this cut.

Step 3: Magnifying the Iphone Photo

Place the elastic band over the iPhone or iPod and line up the magnifier with the camera lens.

Turn on the camera function and move the magnifier until it is centered on a small object.

Allow the camera to focus on the object then take the photo.

When finished, fold the magnifier to protect the lens.

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