Add a Spritzer to a Cologne Bottle.

Introduction: Add a Spritzer to a Cologne Bottle.

Since I am a manly man, I have a lot of cologne, some of it being homemade. Recently, I was given a nice, homemade bay rum cologne. It didn't have a spritzer on it, but I knew I could figure out a solution.

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Step 1: Accumulate Resources.

In order to make this Instructable, you need:

1. A pair of calipers.

2. A WarHeads Sour Spray bottle (or something different, whatever works for you).

3. A drillpress (A drill can be used in a pinch).

4. The size drill-bit your spray spring actuator case is (mine was roughly 3/8").

5. Your cologne.

Step 2: Measure Your Spring Actuator Cover With Your Calipers.

Now, using your calipers, measure the diameter of your Spring Actuator Cover and note it somewhere, mine ended up being around 3/8". Now, since we are drilling a hole roughly the size of your cover, you need to convert whatever measurement you had into 1/16". Mine was perfect, since 3/8" is a drill-bit size.

Step 3: Drill Your Hole.

Now, using your drill or drill press, drill a hole the size you noted in step 2 in the center of your cologne bottle's cap. If needed, use some sandpaper to remove sharp edges and other flaws.

Step 4: Assemble Your Spritzer.

First, make sure your spritzer's nozzle is seated properly, then slide the cologne cap down the tube, toward the nozzle. It should fit snug in the sleeve. If you are having leakage, just put some epoxy on the cap and slide it into the sleeve.

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