Add a Fishing Kit to Your Papacord Projects

Introduction: Add a Fishing Kit to Your Papacord Projects

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A lot of people are now making Para cord things. This instructable is a quick add in to make you're project to be even more helpful in the woods.

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

First Gather your things:
Drinking straw
Fishing line
Split shot sinkers
Power bait
Fake corn (found this at a bait shop)
Aluminum foil
(all you really need is the line and hook but why not have some backup)

Step 2: Bait Straw

cut the straw...I cut mine the length of my middle knuckle to tip of finger. I use a tea light and just holding the straw close enough to make it start to curl on the end, as soon as it has an even roll on the end pinch the tip so it melts together. Take out some power bait and roll it like clay to fit inside the straw push it all the way to the end then break off the rest. Using a stick of some sort (I used a bamboo skewer) push the bait in leaving about 1/8" of the straw empty then repeat the straw sealing on that end.  

Step 3: Traw Stuff

Take the straw that was leftover from the power bait step and put one of the split shots into it  leaving room to seal that end. Seal the end.  Next put in the fake corn, then the fly, then fake corn then another split shot. Now for the hook. Place the hook next to the straw stuff eye down and put the sharp tip even with the last split shot  and mark the straw where the top curve of the hook is, Cut the straw at the line you made. Work the hook eyelet around and under the split shot. If your hook is small enough to fit in the straw seal the end...mine wasn't so I just left the sharp end out and while sealing the straw just pressed higher up to fill the gap with melted straw. 

Step 4: Fishing Line

Wrap fishing line about 30 times around your hand. After you get to 30 take the loops off your hand and start wrapping the fishing line around its self to make a tight bundle. When it is a nice tight bundle take a piece of tape and secure the line so it will not unwind. Now  just cut the line where the tape ends. 

Step 5: The Package

Place every thing into aluminum foil mine is about 5 inches by 3 inches then roll it into a nice package. ( The foil can also be used as bait on the hook).

Step 6: Tying It Together

Now start your Para cord project as you normally would( There are many Instructables on how to do Para cord knots the one I'm using is a cobra knot) after about 3 or more knots you can place the package into then center and continue the knot as you normally would making sure to get the ends tight against the knot that dose not have the package.when you get past the package just continue the knot till you finish the project.

Step 7: There Ya Go

And there you have it a fishing kit is now in your Para cord project and it is still flexible enough for even a bracelet. this will add a little girth to the end result but why not have that little extra for the ability to have fishing gear with you at those times when you just got to fish!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I liked it better when intenseangler did it on Youtube


    5 years ago

    Good job. Every bit helps in a pinch.