Add a Laser Sight to Your Airsoft/air Rifle.




this is my first instructable so go easy. i will show you how to make a laser sight which can easily be added to your airsoft weapon or air rifle, it only takes about 10 mins to make and its real easy so try it!

you will need;

- laser pen
- electrical tape
- battery (9v)
- 'push to make' switch
- insulated wire
- rifle.

Step 1: Get Your Pen and Crack It Open!

im not sure how i did it but its not too hard. if all else fails just grind into it.

Step 2: Re-wire.

get your other components and re wire it. there is a little piece of gray metal on the top of the pen, this acts as the contact for the battery you will need to attach a wire here and a wire to the spring. after that attach the battery to your wires via switch and test it out.

Step 3: Go Shootin'

tape it all up good and proper, taping down the switch on the pen to complete the circuit (your using your own switch now) and attach it to your weapon! good luck, see you in the forest (yes ill see you.....)



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     That a CM023 MP5?


    You can just buy them... But i'd prefer to make my own!
    Good first ible!


    9 years ago on Step 3

     how did u make the switch this tutorial is really vague sorry can u please contact me and tell me how to do it in more detail


    your diodes gunna be zapped in about 2 seconds with the 9v try wireing a hell lotta resistors or you just wasted 10 minutes of your time

    8 replies

    i sould have read the comments first, ive zapped two lasers now, that killed the diode, so great instructable but you owe me $10, lol jk (i spent more like $7).


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well did you try more than one laser model? I bet yours is very different from his... Im not saying you should go and try again, im just giving an idea of what may have gone wrong.


     Lol, Nope... Its the 9 volt that fried EVERYTHING... Ive got a pack for 3 AA's...
    The 9 volt was Frying everything.... As mine was a low power it wasnt capable of converting the volts.... id have to buy more than 30 capicitators for a 9 volt to work...

    sorry but ive been using this for ages and it hasnt changed anything, the long wire and the switch i added on wil drain alot of the power. its a laser not an LED the laser can withstand more power.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    his question does make sense, but you should try maybe a C or D size battery. Just sucks there not squarish

    Instead of having a big 9v battery haning off your gun, it would be better if instead you made a container that goes on the rails out of plexiglass or something. I'd do it if I didn't already rui my laser :P


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Why not keep the laser as it is with its batteries and just maybe try a way to mount it beneath the barrel of the gun.But if you can replace the switch with one that you just press once then it on.And you press once then it off. Im also trying to come up with an idea for an laser mount in with which I can adjust the "dot" angle to more accurately hit the target.I want to try and make it in such a way that it can be clipped onto or off the barrel ,of my GAMO it shoots 1000fps.

    no offense, but this could have been better. you should have dissembled the body, mounted the laser in a hole(that you make) in the front, and have it sticking out a bit for adjustments. otherwise, i liked it. i think, though, ill jsut stick with buying one with a RIS clamp for 5$


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I try few days ago but it dont shoot where the laser point :'(