Add a Lens Adapter to Aiptek AHD-H12 Camcorder



Introduction: Add a Lens Adapter to Aiptek AHD-H12 Camcorder

The Aiptek AHD H12 is a great cheap 1080p camcorder.  Unfortunately, it doesn't come threaded for add on lenses (like a fisheye).  We're going to change that.

Step 1: Necessary Materials

To do this, you will need the following:
Dremel w/ cylindrical sander.
34mm-37mm Stepup Adapter.

Step 2: Dremel the Camcorder

You will notice that on the front of the camcorder, the bezel that goes around the lens has about a 2mm overhang. We will Dremel away this unnecessary plastic to fit a stepup adapter in the space, nice and tight.

The current diameter of the hole opening is around 37mm.  The stepup adapter I purchased was 39mm, so we'll need to Dremel away that extra plastic.

First you'll want to make sure to cover the lens with masking tape, in case you slip with the Dremel.

Start Dremeling. Dremel away all the overhanging shiny plastic until it is flush with the inner black plastic. When you're done the, hole opening will be around 39mm-40mm.

Try fitting the adapter into the space.  Once it fits in there, you're done with the Dremel.

Step 3: Glue Stepup Adapter In

This should be fairly simple. 

Glue stepup adapter in place.

I used Gorilla Glue, which really seems to be holding it well.  However, Gorilla glue expands quite a bit, so use it sparingly.  I got glue running all over the side of the camcorder while I was letting it dry.

Step 4: Try Screwing Lens On.

If the lens fits, you're done!

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