Add a Sawbuck to a Work Table

Introduction: Add a Sawbuck to a Work Table

What is a sawbuck anyway?  It's a cradle that makes it much easier to saw logs and branches for firewood.

If you already have a work table you can make it into a sawbuck by adding a top made of split logs.  The logs' rough surface helps hold your firewood log in place while cutting.  The finished project is shown in the picture.

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Step 1: Split and Mark the Logs

This sawbuck is made  of two small logs split lengthwise.  The top of the sawbuck is made from a short log about 6" in diameter.  The supports are made from a short log about 4" in diameter. 

The length of the top log should be the length of the table plus the diameters of the two support log halves plus a little extra.  The length of the support log should be the width of the table.  I used spruce logs and split them with a chain saw.

Lay the top pieces on your table lengthwise.  From underneath mark the length of the table on the top pieces using a felt marker.  Flip them upside down as shown in the picture and set the support pieces on the lines you marked, perpendicular to the top pieces . 

Step 2: Cut the Supports and Screw Them to the Tops

Mark and cut the support pieces to match the table width. I cut the ends of my supports at a 45 degree angle to match my table. 

Hex head lag screws (lag bolts) hold together the tops and supports. Separate the tops by about an inch, then drill four pilot holes at the logs' thickest point.  Drill all the way through the support pieces and most of the way through the top pieces. Screw the lag screws securely into the pilot holes as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Check the Fit

Flip the sawbuck back over right side up.  Check for fit.  The tops should rest flush against the table and the supports should hang over the ends of the table.

Step 4: Add a Bungee Cord

When you are cutting a log into firewood lengths, its center of gravity shifts with each cut.  To make cutting easier and safer, hold the log in place with a bungee cord stretched across the sawbuck.  This especially helps on the last few cuts.

Enjoy your sawbuck!

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