Add Extra Protection for Your Office Desk

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I have a metal desk at work with a fairly simple lock. I keep some things in there, like electronics that I don't want walking, but wouldn't break the bank if they disappeared. It is a metal desk, and the gravity-lock works by lifting a metal bar that engages a slot on each drawer. When you unlock it, the bar drops out of the slots.

This very simple Instructable shows you how to add a little extra protection to the lock.

What you need:
A rare-earth magnet.
I get mine from damaged hard drives.


Step 1: Apply Magnet

This is pretty easy. Step one of one: Place the magnet on the side of the drawer to hold the bar in the 'Up Position'.

You can see the effect in the video below.

Step 2: Camouflage?

Part of what makes this work is that no one realizes there is a 2nd force working on the locking mechanism. A little determined investigation may turn up the magnet. Maybe a little camouflage would add to the effectiveness of this trick.

I have opened this up to any and all ideas on camouflaging the magnet. Join the KQRPNB Collaborators group. Video's or pictures of your additions encouraged!




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