Add-on's to Viccie.B1993's Sipriani Rifle

Introduction: Add-on's to Viccie.B1993's Sipriani Rifle

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This gun is the best one I have ever built. It shoots about 60-70 feet with Postal rubber bands. I had a flattened box and a pringles can and it shot (with a grey rod that is sharpened of course) right through the pringles can and there was about 4 in. left of the grey rod on the other side. I give all of the credit to Viccie.B1993 for the whole gun except for the stand. Hope you like it! : )

P.S.I am not liable for any injuries, damages, or anything else like that.

P.S.S.This is my first instructable. So please be nice. Thanks

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Step 1: Barrel (Or Track)

Make 12 of these and connect them together.

Step 2: Trigger

Make all of this and connect it together.

Step 3: The Bipod

Follow the picture. Make 3 of them. Then connect them with white rods on the three bottom yellow connectors.

Step 4: Eye Protector Thingy

1. Make two of these
2. One of these
3. Connect

Step 5: Handle

1. Make two of these
2. Make one of these
3. Connect in whatever places to make it secure

Step 6: Stabalizer

Make two of these. Except on the second one, don't use the blue rods that are going up.

Step 7: Rubber Band Holder

As usual, make this. Then take it and hook it on to the Barrel (Track)
3. That is how you hook it on.

Step 8: Another Part of the Barrel

1. Make two of these

Step 9: Ammo

You don't have to use a sharpened rod. I would recommend that you use a red rod or a grey rod.

Step 10: Put It Together

Just follow the pictures.

Step 11: Enjoy

Well, hope you like it. If you have any questions, message me. I am kookoo for knex

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    An Villain
    An Villain

    9 years ago on Introduction

    i modded to have a stock and (very accurate) scope. but it is designed for my own left handed use.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    dude... i have to admit it looks spectecular and im proud that you made my gun even cooler good job 5 stars :)