Add Your Own Watermark & Logo to Your Photos

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In this instructable I will show you how to add a watermark & /or a personal logo to your photos using a free photo editing software
It's a way not only to protect your digital photographs online but also a good way to advertise your brand

(Kill 2 birds with one stone-so to speak)
Whether you're an amateur or a professional photographer… This instructable is for you!

I took a few web shots while I was doing mine... Follow this easy steps!

Get your laptop and let's pimp our photos! ;-)

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Step 1: Software

You don't need fancy/expensive softwares in order to watermark an image professionally

(Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with fancy photo editing softwares lol, I make use of a few of them, but I wanted to show you an easy, practical & accessible way to design from your comp, no design skills needed)

There are tons of free softwares out there I would recommend picmonkey

It's a free editor that works in your browser (no download or install needed)

Yes, that's right, no download or installation needed, which makes it even easier! Create cool graphics or photo effects

I particularly like this software because allows me to use my own fonts, so I can watermark my photos with the fonts I already have installed on my computer and also allows me to upload my own logo

I'm not in any way associated with picmonkey. I chose picmonkey beacuse it's a free photo editing software, that allows you to use your own font, images, it's compatible mac, pc, etc

Pretty good for a free software!

Step 2: Add Your Own Logo

I will show you how to how to add your logo onto your photos

Step 1. Open your photo and logo in the Editor

Open your photo in the editor.
Click the Overlays tab (the Butterfly icon ).
Click “Your Own” at the top of the panel and select your logo image from the files on your computer to open it.

Step 3: Adjust Fade

In the Overlay palette, adjust the “Fade” slider to 30 – 60%, then close the palette.

Click and drag the image to where you want it on the photo.
You can adjust the size once the image is placed, by clicking a corner circle and dragging it inward or outward.

Step 4: Add Text to Your Photo

Add you name, your company name, url etc
(I used my own font, but you can add text by using picmonkey's fonts)

Open your photo in the editor.
Click the Text tab (the “P” icon in the far left column)
and click inside the box to start typing your text.
Choose your color by using the color picker in the Text palette.
Or you can type in a color’s the hex value (the six digits/letters in the upper right corner).
White is “FFFFFF.”

Adjust the “Fade” slider to 30 – 60%, then close the palette.
Click and drag the image to where you want it on the photo.
Adjust the size once the image is placed by clicking a corner circle and dragging it inward or outward.

Step 5: Watermark Many Photos

If you need to watermark lots of photos, I'd recommend to create a transparent image that you’ll be able to use for all of them.
Achieve more, work less

Step 5.1. Make a single-cell Collage

Open Collage and click the Layouts tab (the grid icon in the far left column).
Click “Create your own” at the top of the panel, and a single 1024 x 1024 cell will appear.
Don’t worry about the size for now.

Step 5.2. Make it transparent and save
Click the Background tab. Click the box next to “Transparent background.”
The dotted lines show the perimeter of your transparent background.

Click “Save” on the top toolbar, give your background a name, and save it as a “.png” file.
Close out of Collage (the “x” button in the upper right corner).

Step 5.3. Create logo in Editor

Open your transparent background file in the Editor (click “Edit a photo” on the home page and select the file from wherever you saved it on your computer).
It will appear invisible at this point, but it hasn't disappeared
Click the Text tab and then the “Add Text” button on the top of the menu.
Keep the text tool in the middle of your (invisible) background while you work on it.
Choose a color and pick a size that’s fairly large

Step 5.4. Crop it

Go to the Basics tab, and click “Crop.” Crop your image tightly around the periphery of the logo.

Step 5.5 Save it

Be sure to save it as a “.png” file; this file format retains its transparency.
When you place it onto images, try to be consistent about where you put it each time.

You can give your photos an extra kick by adding effects, frames, &/or texture, make sure you're happy with the result... All in one place!

There you have it... You've taken your photography brand to the next level!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable as much as I enjoyed creating it
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    doms ramos

    3 months ago

    Great! This is too nice and educational. Thank you for this article.
    Since I know now how to add watermark from photo, I can give you a tool which can help you in times of need especially if you want to remove the watermark or logo from your photo. You can use Apowersoft Watermark Remover. Thank you.


    4 years ago

    Oh, I just add a text lol