Addicting Game - Spinning Magnet in a Labyrinth

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A fun magnetic game where you guide a spinning magnet around a maze

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Step 1: Basic Instructions, Ingredients and Measurements

In my hand I hold a stubbed marker pen that has a small magnet inside. The end of the plastic pen has a round surface and therefore it has a small contact point when in touch with the ball bearing. This is crucial for the conservation on rotational energy. The amount of magnetism needs to be fine tuned in order it to work both "in air and on land". When the two side magnet's are arranged repelling mode like the graph at the end says - the ball bearing attracts and the side magnets repel the guiding magnet when it's roughly on top of the ball bearing.

What you need:

a) 1 inch steel ball bearing

b) 1/2 Inch neodymium sphere magnet

c) 3 mm x 10 mm Ø (4 mm Ø hole) neodymium ring magnet

d) 3 mm x 5 mm Ø neodymium disc magnet (guiding magnet)

e) Plastic tube that has a round surface at the end

f) Air spray can or a straw to blow through.

g) Labyrinth

The rules for spinning magnet labyrinth game are:

1. If you touch the walls you die

2. If the spinning stops you die

3. You have to keep the guiding magnet out of touch from the spinning magnet except when going on the rail and loading more rotational energy with canned air.



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