Adding Details to Your Alien

Introduction: Adding Details to Your Alien

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Lesson Overview:

Now we're going to add some details!

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Step 1: Introduction

In this last step we will add extra detail on the back of the alien. To do this, we will use duplicate in a new way. Place an object on the workplane. With the object selected choose Edit>Duplicate and move the duplicate to the side. Continue to rotate, and scale the object however you want. It is very important to not deselect the object after it is duplicated. If the duplicate is deselected while moving, rotating, or scaling you will have to delete it and start over. Once you are done, choose Edit>Duplicate. The changes to the object will save and will be applied to the next duplicate automatically. Make more duplicates to see how it will look.

Remember while using duplicate in this way, small changes will have a big effect the more duplicates you make.

Step 2: Adding the Details

Now we will duplicate to create a shell on the back of the alien. Remember, small changes will become big. With that said, make a few big changes and see how it turns out. It will be unique every time you do it.


  1. Lets go back to the "pineapple". This will be used to make a shell on the alien's back. With the object selected, change the numbers in the Inspector window so they are the same as in the image below.
  2. Align the shell to the body.
  3. Move the shell up to where the cylinder and half sphere meet on the body. Scale the shell down to fit on the alien's back.
  4. With the shell selected, choose Edit>duplicate. Move the shell down, but keep it touching the first one. Scale and/or rotate the duplicate. Make sure to keep the duplicate selected, otherwise you will have to start over.
  5. Once you have your changes, Choose Edit>duplicate again. The changes you made to the first duplicate will be applied again to the second.
  6. Keep selecting Edit>Duplicate until the shells reach the ground.
  7. Starting from the center shell, repeat instructions 4-6, except move the duplicate up toward the eyes.
  8. Great Job! You finished modeling an alien!

Congratulations, you have completed this project!

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