Adding Games to Atgames Genesis Flashback HD





Introduction: Adding Games to Atgames Genesis Flashback HD

This will just be a quick walkthrough of how to add games to your Atgames Genesis Flashback HD. If you don't know what you are doing and aren't careful you can completely brick your unit as this instructable requires modification of a sensitive area of the Atgames Genesis Flashback HD (called just Flashback from here on out). That said I cannot be held responsible for any damage you may cause, this is at your own risk.

Tools you need:

Philips Screwdriver

a computer that has a working adb setup (android bridge, I will not cover installing this here, you will have to instructions on creating an android development environment elsewhere)

a mini USB cable

a brain

general android knowledge can be helpful

Forgive this roughness of this instructable, I hadn't planned on making one, however a month after release nobody else has made one yet, I will make one just until someone makes a better one.

P.S. Adding games to the Atari flashback 8 gold is similar after a minor hadware mod. hint: The games are stored in an obb.

Step 1: Open Your Flashback and Connect It to a PC.

To open the unit you must remove the 7 screws, 4 are under the 4 feet pads, one is under the label, see image.

after the screws are removed take off the cover gently as not to break the wires connecting to the top.

Now plug in the Mini USB came on the mini USB plug on the unit circuit board, and then into your computer.

Wait a moment and the rk3036 will show up in your devices. When it does you are ready to go.

Step 2: Prepare Your Flashback

Now navigate to where you have ADB installed and run the following commands to prepare your unit to add games. (all commands are case sensitive)

"adb devices"

This command starts the adb daemon and verify the flashback is connected

"adb pull /system/atgames/all-games.ini"

This command copies the all-games.ini file you will need to modify to your computer.

"adb shell mount -o rw,remount,rw /system "

This command is where the risk starts, it tells your flashback to allow modifications to the system folder.

"adb shell mv /system/atgames/all-games.ini /system/atgames/all-games.bak"

This command creates a backup of the original all-games.ini to restore if needed later.

" adb shell ln -s /sdcard/Games/all-games.ini /system/atgames/all-games.ini"

This command creates a symlink from the original all-games.ini and points it to the NAND Flash for easy access.

" adb shell mount -o ro,remount,ro /system"

This command restores the original read only state to the system files.

Open NAND FLASH folder on the rk3036 device and create the folder "Games" (case is important here as well)

copy the all-games.ini file from your adb folder to the newly created "Games" folder

Try the system, make sure it still works correctly.
If it does not make sure the all-games.ini file is where it belongs and that there were no typos in the above or things will not work.

Step 3: Adding the Games

Note: games MUST be in .bin format (not just .bin extension) If they are in .smd or .mgd format they will not boot. Try to find a converter. (.sms and .gg also work but for the scope of this guide we will stick with genesis games)

The game can be named whatever you want but must have a bin extension and no spaces.

Ex.: Whatever.bin

drag the game to the created "Games" folder on the rk3036 device.

Now add a cover for the game with the same name and .png added.
format is PNG, resolution is 640x320.

Ex: Whatever.bin.png

Finally open the all-games.ini and add the following for each game, Replace the in bold with your own info.

[Game Name]



Description=this is a description of the game the real unit also included gameplay controls.

D=Pad-Does stuff

A=Other stuff


Now safe the all-games.ini and copy it to the "Games" folder you created

finally reboot the system and enjoy your new games.

Step 4: Restore to Stock (Optional)

If you feel the need to restore to stock follow these directions:

Navigate to your adb folder

run the following commands:

"adb devices"
This command starts the adb daemon and verify the flashback is connected

"adb shell mount -o rw,remount,rw /system "

This command is where the risk starts, it tells your flashback to allow modifications to the system folder.

"adb shell rm /system/atgames/all-games.ini"

This command removes the symlink you created.

"adb shell mv /system/atgames/all-games.bak /system/atgames/all-games.ini"

This command copies the original all-games.ini back into place.

" adb shell mount -o ro,remount,ro /system"

This command restores the original read only state to the system files.

Now navigate to the rk3036 device and delete the "Games" folder you created"

You have restored stock.

Step 5: Reassemble


1. Remove USB Cable

2. Replace cover

3. Flip upside-down and screw in 7 screws

4. Replace label and feet

5. Enjoy



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    87 Discussions

    So I had it working with some added game, I got greedy and now it will go through the atgames logo then go black screen. i try the adb device command and nothing shows up. Did I brick or is there away I can bring it back? Or is someone a little bit smarter and willing to take a crack at it cause they know whats wrong???

    Are you sure about the picture resolution 640x320? Game covers in console look more like portrait than landscape?


    Question 6 weeks ago

    There is a new model with 2.8GB SD storage in it instead of 1GB ... but the symlink to the ini file on the SD won't work ...

    I suspect as mount shows that it is in vfat:
    /dev/block/vold/31:13 /mnt/internal_sd vfat rw,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1015,fmask=0002,dmask=0002,allow_utime=0020,codepage=437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro 0 0

    Any ideas?


    I hope I'm not too late to this thread. I was in the middle of entering the commands and everything was going well. Then Windows explorer decided to freeze up and then crash. My pc does this sometimes when there are android devices attached to it and I don't know why. I should have considered that but I took the risk. When I got it running again I continued from where I left off, which was the command that switches everything back to read only. When I got to the "make sure it still works" part I get the atgames logo and then it tries to boot into the menu but the screen flickers and then stays black. Somethings messed up. I was thinking I bricked it, but bricking something usually means that it just doesn't turn on at all. So I want to be sure if I'm passed the point of no return on this thing before I spend the money that I might not need to spend.


    I have a problem
    I can Only read all-game.ini
    What the problem
    Thank you for you answer

    3 replies

    First, When you're mounting the system as writable you need to use the -o arguement, alternatively "adb remount" will mount the system as writable. Second, it appears you're missing the APK directory (mine is empty but originally it had backups for the system apps, I didn't delete them through adb so there must be something going on internally), here's the original atgames folder for the non-OBB version(note the build date on the genesis and master system apk files):

    ok how would i add these to make my Flashback Genesis live again?

    I success To hack
    Because i use win 7
    I hack To win10

    I was an idiot and tried adding more games after my initial 5 to see how it works, however I screwed up and now all I get is the atgames logo at the boot but no games where did I screw up? Can I bring this back to factory ? I also get some error in command prompt stating the adb: error: remote object "adb pull /system/atgames/all-games.ini" does not exist

    For when the tutorial to add Mastersystem games? Thank you

    I found out apparently if you're in the launcher and hold down the menu key for 5 seconds and let go the device shuts off and erases all your save data(states, favorites, recents) but all my modifications from this guide are still there.

    3 replies

    I held down the menu button for 5 seconds and it did reboot the console but it jsut seemed to reset the wireless controllers which is consistent with the information on the at games website. All favorites, recent and save states were still in tact. I tried the same while the console was booting up (where is shows at games on the screen). To delete the saves does this have to be done when the console is connected to the PC via the USB? Thank you.

    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm trying to find a way to delete save states. When you say "if your're in the launcher" what do you mean? Does this mean when you are at the menu screen? Thank you.

    To clarify by menu screen i mean the main menu.


    Does anyone know how i can change the folder names.
    like i wanna change Bonus Games into Master System of Game Gear


    Question 5 months ago

    Does anyone know how i can change the folder names.
    like i wanna change Bonus Games into Master System of Game Gear

    Is there a way to backup and restore the Sega Genesis Flashback HD and the Atari Flashback 8 Gold? Also, does anyone have a backup image for the Atari Flashback 8 Gold? I am adding games to my Sega Flashback, but I blew up my Atari Flashback. It is stuck in a loop on the menu now, and the 01dd806188a53f0c5b7ab692b36c286c subfolder under /mnt/obb has disappeared.

    3 replies

    OK. The Atari Flashback 8 Gold is working again. I had created a symlink to a all-games.ini in a new folder and then renamed it to .bak instead of renaming the original one. I found 85 extra games on the unit, and 21 extra games are already in the all-game.ini file. You just have to remove the # signs from the entries. One of them (Pitfall II) did not work, but the other 20 did. I will try getting other games to work now (starting with the other games already on the system and games that are known to work on the Atari Flashback Portable). :D

    My Atari Flashback is now non-OBB and is running 196 games. :D

    My Sega Batch Code is D10608, Model is FB3680.

    Mt Atari Batch Code is D10608, Model is AR3620.