How to Add Lighting to Your Computer Case

Introduction: How to Add Lighting to Your Computer Case

Light your computer case up for a cool effect.

Also, how to cover up cracks in your case so light doesn't shine through them.

Step 1: Choose the Color Theme

First off, you need to think about the color of your case and the color of the led fan that you will put inside.

Some popular color combinations in computers right now would be black/red, black/silver/blue, black/green, silver/blue, and black/blue.

In the end, it's your choice.

Step 2: Order the Fan/s

Sorry, but for the best look, you should buy a lit fan for this.

I order mine off of, but there are a few other sites, such as

These are the fans I used for my case.

Step 3: Install the Fan/s

Depending on your case, there are several places you can put the fan.

I think it looks best to put it on the side panel (especially if you have a case window) because that way the whole inside of the case is lit up, and the vent will be lit up.
Or you can put it on the back of the case, or the front if you have a front fan. And some cases do have other spots.

But to install it, simply unscrew the case screws from the old fan, and take out the old fan. Then put the new fan in its place, and put the screws back in. Then plug it in to your motherboard. There should be slots that look like the ones in the pictures below.

If you have trouble identifying which slots are for fans, just look at the slots that your current case fans are plugged into.

No, you do not need to turn off your computer to plug in case fans.

Step 4: Reducing the Light Going Through Cracks in the Case

Now your case should have a nice glow to it. But you may notice that in certain areas that are cracks in the case that allow light through, which can look really bad.
To stop light from going through undesired places, simply apply black electrical tape around that area on the inside of the case. Electrical tape will not leave anything behind, it's opaque, and so it's perfect for this job.

See the pictures

Step 5: Congrats

Congratulations, you now have a well lit computer that looks awesome.

Also, the front part of my computer case that is lit up behind the grilles came with my computer case. Sorry guys.



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    17 Discussions

    "No, you do not need to turn off your computer to plug in case fans. " ...yeah...yeah you do. Any small change in the electronic frequency can potentially short your computer...dont be stupid pls, turn off the computer.

    2 replies

    If you are careful and discharge any static simply by touching the metal cas first you won't have any shorting problems

    Yes it's called a power surge. I even blew a power supply back in the days.

    Of course All you're doing is drawing a little more power from the fan ports on your motherboard to power some leds.

    I am planning on modding my case to a completely new color scheme (I'm going with Silver and Blue) soon so this really helped me (the Electrical tape part did :D). I will probably put a walkthrough up on how to install cathodes in you case as well......anyway, thanks for the help.

    I forgot; all of that should cost you about $50 not including postage and handling

    with what I was saying below; its good to make your computer look good but you were right about the color scheme cause this guy's PC looks like a joke. Also note the importance of good cooling components, his is thermaltake so what can be said about the noise but seriously this is what happens when you take it too far

    u can plug ur fans into a powersupply then download a program called speed fan and u can control the speed of every fan in the case

    I have three plugs on my motherboard for fans, one is used by the cpu fan, but two of them don't work. Would you or anyone else know why?

    3 replies

    Check if the cpu fan will work with the other plugs in case your other fans are broken. But if it doesn't work plug the fan into the correct plug quickly or your cpu could over heat. My best guess is that the plugs just aren't connected with your motherboard properly. Motherboards aren't too expensive these days if you need to replace it.

    My fans work and the plugs did work before but now they don't anymore. So I'm just wondering why they no longer work.

    The CCFLs are good also, but somtimes they can be to bright.