Adding a Face Cam to Your Gaming

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Intro: Adding a Face Cam to Your Gaming

Hey Guys, TechHead Tutorials Here And Today I Will Show You How To Add A FaceCam To Your Videos. You Can Either Watch The Instructional Video Or Follow The Steps: The Choice Is Yours!

Step 1: The Easy Way:

Watch This Video For The Easy And Quick Tutorial:

Step 2: The Tutorial: Downloading...

So, First Thing You Want To Do Is, Download iMovie, This Will Work On A Windows And A Mac! From Here Open iMovie.

Step 3: Recording Footage

Now Before We Do Any Editing, Start Your Screen Recorder And Then Use Either A Webcam Or Separate Device As The Face Cam, Start It Too.

When They Are Both Recording You Can Go To Your Game And Start Playing.

Step 4: Editing

Now That You Have Finished Your Face Cam And Screen Recorder, Go Back To iMovie And Import The Screen Recorder Footage.

Now, Edit The Screen Recorder Footage To How You Want It.

Step 5: Adding the Face Cam

So, Now Drag Your Face Cam ABOVE Your Original Footage. This Will Cover The Whole Page With You Face. From Here, Select The Face Cam And Then The Overlay Button (AS SHOWN ABOVE). And Then Picture In Picture.

Now You Will See Your FaceCam Shrink, You Can Move Its Position On The Screen And Alter Its Dimensions And Quality. Finally, Sync Your Face cam With Your Screen Recorder Footage.

I Hope You Enjoyed This Tutorial, Please Like And Comment!



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