Adding a Light Diffuser

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Now we'll make a simple light diffuser!

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Step 1: Adding a Light Diffuser

The LED on its own is pretty neat, but it’s not much of a lamp. However, there are a number of different ways you can diffuse the light to make it resemble something like a traditional incandescent bulb.

A ping pong ball with a hole cut out for the LED to slide into makes for a nice diffuser. Other ways include covering the light in translucent glue, or sanding the surface of the light. No matter what route you take, you’re going to lose a little brightness when it’s diffused, but it will probably look a lot nicer.

  1. Try adding a ping pong ball, or another frosty plastic object, in front of the RGB LED.

  2. What else can you use as a light diffuser?

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