Adding a Speaker Output to Your Speakers (works Great and Sorry for My English, Its Not My First Language)




I had 2 car speakers lawing around a while ago so I decided to at an output to them. And when I plugged them in to my great surprise they sounded both as loud.

Tools you will need


-Soldering Iron (with solder)

-Electric tape


-Phillip screwdriver

-Hot glue gun

What you will need

-None amplified speakers (make sure that the number of watts is not higher that the amplified one's)

-Amplified set of speakers

-Speaker terminal

Step 1: Open the Speaker

You have to open the one with the circuit board basically its the one with the AC port. But on the pic I opened the wrong speaker. And keep the screws.

Step 2: Drilling Holes

Find the good spot for the terminal. Then mark the spot you will drill to make pass the solder (its the thing circled in red on the picture). And drill until it fits.

Step 3: Soldering

Solder wires to the terminal, these wires will be connected to the speaker output.

Step 4: Hot Glue

I used hot glue to fix the terminal to the speaker but you could use anything: Screws, superglue, double side tape, etc. And now you will have to decide weather up or down is the left or right output and the opposite. I just carved a L for the left.

Step 5: More Soldering

If your MAIN SPEAKER (the one with the amp) is lets say the right one. Cut the wire that go's from the circuit to the speaker and make it go to the terminal. And at the cut to the same but for the speaker.

Step 6: Soldering Again

Find the wire that go's from the main speaker to the other one. So in my case from the right to the left. So you will probably see a hole on the back of the speaker. So make pass the wire in and out from the hole and do the same thing as the other step.

Step 7: Screw It Back

Just screw everything back together.

Step 8: Finalising

For the wires going from the car speakers to the speakers I just took wires and twist them together to get the right length. You could solder them if you wanted to. But finally its sounds great. Since there car speakers that means they are neutral so with a sub it would sound even better. You can listen to the video to know how good it sounds.BUT MAKE SURE THAT IF YOU WANT TO ADD A SUB MAKE IT RUN TROUGH A CONSOLE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT OR ELSE IT COULD BURN OR SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR AMP.



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    2 years ago

    Sorry but it's not ok to do this mod due to impedance in amplifier. Let's say you have 4Ohm drivers (speakers). Iz you connect one more speaker to this channel in parallel you'll get 2Ohm impedance. That can brick your amp. On the other hand, if you connect them in serial, you'll get 8 Ohm impedance, which will cause only half of the power can be used for speaker.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    sorry if I'am a little late, but I have been running this setup since I posted it and everything works find not heating or strange smell. I don't have a degree or something like that in electronics but I the added speakers could be a little lower in watts than the amp since you are essentially taking up more juice. And if it would of break after a while of using I would of directly delete the post.


    2 years ago

    a useful idea. I'm a bit confused, surely the non amped speakers should be of an equal or higher wattage to the amp (amped speakers) as otherwise they could blow from the amp overpowering them.

    also I'd use heat shrink rather than tape, cleaner and easier

    4 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    No, this is not a good idea. Don't let children play with matches.

    As said above, it's mainly a question of impedance. As the sound seems
    balanced, the new speakers have certainly the same impedance than
    olders, this means the amplifier output delivers twice the normal
    current. So, the amplifier heatsb up before burning permanently.


    Reply 2 years ago

    No the new ones have higher watt than the old ones


    Reply 2 years ago

    Conventional knowledge would dictate that the speakers should be at a higher wattage yes, here is the trick though. You don't always run your amp at 100% of it's power output for several reasons. basically you should always leave yourself a margin of error or a fail safe. Let's put this into a practical application. 900W sub 1000W amp. So if you run your amp at 800W (80%) roughly chances of damage are low and your sub will also run at 800W which means that you will never push the sub beyond what it is capable of.

    The opposite config would see a sub at 1200W and amp at 1000W so what are you gonna do? run that amp at maxW. That's how you blow stuff up. sub will be fine but you'll kill the amp. its just my formula.

    Which costs more? new amp? new speaker?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Ok sorry I should of said to run it true a console. And thats what I did, I have this setup since like 1 year an I have no problem.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Neat? Assuming you are not referring to the glue? haha... :-)


    2 years ago

    The rule of thumb is that you can run more than one speaker depending on the impedance of the amplifier. you can run an 8Ohm speaker on a 4Ohm stable but not the other way round. you can also run 2X8Ohm speakers on a 4Ohm stable without damage to the amplifier. My normal trick is to make sure that the speakers however are underpowered for the amplifier whether in terms of PMPO or RMS so that there is never too much load on the Amplifier. Otherwise as an alternative I choose to never run the AMP at more than 80% Output.